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TabletHookz hold your device securely

Update – 19Apr17

After a successful crowdfunding campaign which exceeded their target and generated over 500 orders, production of the high quality finished product has started for May deliveries.

Even though the crowdfunding campaign is finished pre-orders for the TabletHookz Product are available at


Have you ever struggled to find a comfortable position for your tablet device? Trying to watch your favourite movie holding on to the device as your head keeps jerking soporifically. Maybe the TabletHookz is what you have been searching for? Universal to fit all size devices including Ipads, Iphones, Samsung, Nintendo Switch and more.

Inspired and designed by aviation professionals, the triple function TabletHookz is a tablet or smartphone travel holder that positions a device perfectly. TabletHookz can securely mount your tablet, smartphone and latest gaming console to the back of a seat or around the home and office.

TabletHookz is a simple, robust, secure, hands-free device to mount tablets or smartphones to the back of a seat when travelling, or for use as a secure traditional stand.

• small enough to fit in your pocket and can be attached to an edge, such as the back of a meal tray on an aircraft, train or on the road in a car/coach/bus.
• works as a traditional stand around the home, office, or even when you’re on the move.
• feature a securing mechanism to secure it and your device in place, variable viewing angles and fits a wide range of devices, without the need to remove your device from its case.
As airline passengers travelling with young children, TabletHookz Limited found the need for a device to mount the kids’ tablets securely, so they could watch their favourite programmes, hands-free, leaving them able to hold their favourite teddy or comforter and perhaps even fall asleep.

As time went on TabletHookz Limited wanted TabletHookz to be more that their initial idea and ensure viewers of any age or height could use them, and not limit their usage to aircraft. It’s taken nearly two years to get this far and a few weeks ago TabletHookz Limited had their first patent granted.

They got to work designing and producing hundreds of slightly different prototypes and tweaking them to create the best, most secure tablet and smartphone mount that they could that will safely hold a device of any size or model and keep it safe.

About TabletHookz Limited
Behind TabletHookz is TabletHookz Limited, run by Mike & Katie from Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. They set up their company to help try and bring a product to the market.

The company decided that crowdfunding was the appropriate medium for the initial launch, not only to raise the funds to bring the product to market but also to validate it – to see if the public approved of the product and whether there was a need for the product.
Another reason for crowdfunding is that the backers get to be involved in the process which is so important.

To LEARN MORE about this Campaign, Share it or DONATE, visit: TabletHookz on Kickstarter or visit

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this article, just to provide an update, the crowdfunding campaign ended a few days ago exceeding our target and generating over 500 orders.

    This means we can now commence production of the high quality finished product for delivery in May 2017.

    Even though the crowdfunding campaign is finished our website is taking Pre-orders for the TabletHookz Product on our site

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