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Love Sweden like a local

There are many ways to experience a new city, and if you would like to explore the Swedish lifestyle from a local perspective, here’s how…

Enjoy a taco fiesta in Borås, stay the night in the archipelago or share a ride to the wilderness of Nordens Ark. It is easier than you think to get close to the daily life in West Sweden with ‘Meet the Locals‘.

What is ‘Meet the Locals’?

The West Sweden Tourist Board has gathered organisations, apps, Facebook groups and websites that all share a common goal to make visitors and locals meet in various forms. At Meet the Locals you can also find individual locals who present themselves and what they like to share.

The sharing is the core of Meet the Locals and it comes in various forms: individuals who share their hobby or initiatives that minimise the use of recourses by sharing or borrowing instead of buying. It can, for example, be a service for sharing a ride instead of travelling alone in a car from A to B, or when someone shares leftover fruit from their garden for someone else to enjoy.

It has never been so easy to personalise your trip before. Some might organise a guided tour, take you on a jogging tour or show you how to bake their favourite cake. You can even pack light because there are great clothes by Swedish designers available for hire. Or choose to stay at someone’s house to see what a home can look like in this part of the world.

Here are a few examples:

  • Walk around the lake or bake Swedish cinnamon buns with Anna
  • Explore the heart of Swedish nature with a four-legged friend and Lars
  • Enjoy some local cruising culture with Ann in our little Oldsmobile
  • Yoga in Gothenburg with Maria

Check out the locals taking part: meetthelocals


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