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Patagonia, the last frontier

Since time immemorial, faraway lands have triggered the curiosity and imagination of explorers from all over the world. Fortunately, there are still some remote locations that evoke those feeling and enchantment either due to its remote access or by its unique beauty.

The name Patagonia was coined by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who thought that the inhabitant of this southern land were giants due to their height and winter clothes. The Patagonia region is perhaps one of the most exciting types of travelling you can experience around the world because of its marvellous locations which are quite only comparable to the regions of Alaska, Iceland and New Zealand.

Picture a landscape with mountains, glaciers, wildlife and a unique ecosystem that extends for hundreds of miles and that provides a protected eco-system and habitat to animals ranging from Llamas, guanacos, penguins, sea lions to armadillos, condors and Magellanic woodpecker.

Getting to Patagonia is not complicated. Both Argentina and Chile share the Patagonian plateau and the mountainous ridge of the Southern Andes and It’s accessible both by air and land. It has always marvelled travel photographers by its unique landscapes, amazing value, good infrastructure, excellent cuisine and a geological and archaeological past, which is so famous around the world due to its vast collection of fossils dig sites.

Patagonia for Travel Photography

If you’re an avid photographer a Patagonia photography tour can be the journey of a lifetime. There are many famous destinations for travel photography around the world, and most certainly, Patagonia is high up in the top 5 of everybody’s bucket list. Either the Perito Moreno glacier, the Torres del Paine park, the cave of hands or the Monte Leon National Park there are amazing places to adventure and do photography all around Patagonia.

Maybe you have never conceived travelling to far lands, but believe me when I tell you that a South America photo tour is a one of a kind experience to enhance your photography skills.

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