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Sleep like a baby…Einstein with the SmartSleeper

Anyone who has spent any amount of time travelling, on trains, planes or buses or spent time in transit at stations or airports, will understand the little tinge of excitement I felt when I saw images of the “Smart Sleeper” on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve tried all sorts of travel pillows over the years but most have been consigned to the back of the wardrobe as not fit-for-purpose. Where did this revolutionary concept come from?

Jennifer Cope is a veteran traveller and the CEO of the acclaimed Global Travel Clothing Company. Her company has been innovating successfully in the travel space for years. And this March, after months of research, she’s designed something that is re-defining how you sleep when you’re on the road. You could call it a new travel pillow, but really it’s more like a sleep swiss army knife for your next trip. With an adjustable hood and eye mask, antimicrobial inner liner, built-in carrying case and a custom designed ergonomic memory foam shape, it allows you to sleep in any travel environment.

Yet to see this to reality, Jennifer is letting you determine the fate of this game-changing design. To achieve this, she has set up a crowdfuding campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. If she raises her goal of $10,000 within the next month, she knows the project will be a hit. She believes that anyone who travels knows that good sleep during travel is more than a luxury – it is a necessity for a good trip. The Smart Sleeper’s integrated hoodie design and machine-washable nature provide an instant solution to dirty headrests, bright lights, stiff necks, germ buildup, cleanliness and even where to put your phone. The recently launched crowdfunding campaign has a $10,000 funding goal. However, the campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals. Yet this innovative design is steadily gaining support aided by the incredibly low price point Jennifer has offered the ‘Smart Sleeper’ on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. A variety of different rewards and perks are being offered to reward those brave enough to support the campaign in these early stages.

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About: Global Travel Clothing Company is a family business. “GTC” for short is turning their passion for real world travel into a successful lifestyle brand that makes high-quality products travellers need and love. Their dedication and hard work have made them an industry leader. For more information:

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