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Diving for seaweed in Sweden

Besides world class seafood, quaint fishing villages and picturesque boat houses, Bohuslän also has edible seaweed. There are around 325 different types of seaweed in Sweden, of which about 20 are good to eat. They all have different characteristics, flavours and textures.

Seaweed contains many essential nutrients and vitamins, and can be eaten both fresh and dried. In Bohuslän it grows wild and is hand harvested by our seaweed divers.

Jonas Pettersson and Linnéa Sjögren run seaweed foraging and marine tourism company Catxalot on the Bohuslän coast. It’s all done sustainably and the seaweed grows back. They then clean it, dry it, prepare it and sell it to top restaurants, ecological and organic product retailers and sell their own small product range. You will find seaweed on the menu at some of the world best restaurants and it is a healthy and sustainable superfood.

Jonas and Linnéa also run seaweed cooking workshops that you can take part in, but first you should help them harvest the seaweed by diving for it – and they would love to show you how. Catxalot, pronounced ‘Catch-a-lot’, is all about “getting people to reconnect to the sea”.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a seaweed safari, and find out all there is to know about Swedish seaweed.

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