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Check out a reflection of the contemporary at documenta 14

documenta 14

With a rich, dynamic, and often turbulent recent history, Germany is a hotbed for contemporary artists whose legacy is a creative documentation of the culture, environment and experiences encountered by Germany and Europe over the last century.

documenta is an exhibition showcasing the contemporary art scene which takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. The first documenta was organised by painter and professor Arnold Bode in 1955 and the ‘museum of a hundred days’ documenta 14 will take place at the  Fridericianum in Kassel and for the first time will also be hosted in Athens, Greece under the banner :earning from Athens.  • Acts as a barometer for the latest developments in contemporary art • The curator of each

The exhibition acts as a ‘trend-barometer’ for the latest developments in the contemporary art world and its relationship with society. The curator of each documenta is appointed by an international panel of judges, with document 13 attracting more than 860,000 visitors in 2012, with over a quarter of them coming from abroad.

Title: Methodos Athens
Copyright: FREDDI F

Event dates
Athens: from 8 April to 16 July

Kassel: from 10 June to 17 September

Exhibits, installations, lectures and performances by over 300 participants

Kassel is a cultural hotspot and home of the documenta with plenty of other attractions to keep the art enthusiast entranced including the Wilhelmshöhe Palace and Wilhelmshöhe Park. Visitors can also take a guided tour of artworks from earlier documenta exhibitions that have been acquired by the City of Kassel and are now exhibited permanently.

Other important exhibitions and unusual expositions in the city’s museums include: Old Masters Gallery in Wilhelmshöhe Palace; the Collection at the Natural History Museum; Caricatura – Gallery of Comic Art; Spohr Museum – the life, work and legacy of composer and honorary citizen of Kassel, Louis Spohr; Museum of Sepulchral Culture – the culture of burials and remembrance and the Grimmwelt which opened in 2015 which provides interactive experiences for families, fans of the Brothers Grimm fairytales, and anyone interested in art and language.
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Featured image:

Title: Fridericianum 2015 Kassel
Copyright: Ryszard-Kasiewicz

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