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Switzerland – Stay Close to Nature in a Mountain Hut

The scene is set. The sun slowly sinks behind a distant peak, casting an iridescent glow over the sparkling waters of a glacial lake. An emerald carpet climbs the mountain walls studded with flowering jewels dancing in the summer breeze. The only interruption to the tranquility is the light clang of a distant cowbell.  As day transforms to night the darkness is total – but for a million twinkling reminiscences from galaxies far far away.

In this age of twenty-four-hour connectivity, it is almost impossible to find moments in the day or night when you can switch off – totally! So what if you could combine total serenity with an environment where each breath will revitalise body and soul. Every moment will feel like an eternity as you hear beyond the interference of 21st-century life and see with the same clarity as the mountain spring water.

Switzerland offers this and more with accommodation available in the accessible isolation of its stunning alpine scenery.

If your isolation needs to come with a few home comforts there are plenty of options, from Mountain Inns to Palace Hotels, but if a transformative break is what you are looking for then the Mountain Hut is just for you.

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