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Autumn in Germany – wine festivals galore!

Think about alcoholic beverages in Germany and you will no doubt picture a tall glass filled with what the Australians refer to as the amber nectar. But the Autumn in Germany is not all about beer with numerous open-air wine festivals providing a taste of German “Gemütlichkeit” and tradition. With a reputation for producing a sweeter taste than the Mediterranean wine producers – the variety of soil types throughout Germany means that each wine region produces different flavors.

Each of Germany’s 13 vineyard regions has its own set of customs and traditions, which translate into an exceptional range of wines. The main grape varieties are riesling, silvaner and rivaner for white wines, and pinot noir for reds. Touring the German Wine Route has become a popular activity for wine and nature lovers alike with many wine-hotels offering fine wines and warm hospitality in the fall months.
This region is not just for the wine connoisseur as the undulating hills, rivers and verdant valleys offer great recreation for walkers and cyclists, too, who like nothing more than visiting the many delightful wine villages.

Many of Germany’s Wineries are relatively small family run businesses who still do most of their work by hand. This inevitably shines through in the quality of their wines and adds to the idyllic charm of the countryside.

From Rheinhessen in the west to Saxony in the east. Here you can find out about the wine regions of Germany.

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