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What Places To Visit In India?

Places to Visit in India

India is a beautiful destination that really attracts the attention of travelers. If you are curious by nature, you will enjoy your stay in this mythical destination. India is an impressive and contrasting country, hard to ignore. It is home to many impressive tourist and cultural sites. To help you prepare for your trip, here are some ideas to visit during your stay.

1. The Lotus Temple, Delhi

Located in a suburb south of Delhi, the Lotus Temple is one of eight houses dedicated to worship. The temple is more than 40 meters high; its roof is in the shape of an open lotus flower. Its architecture was inspired by Iranian architect Fariborz Shaba. Open to the public around 1986, the place has become a place of consecration of the Unity of Religion and of humanity. It is free of decoration. All visitors of whatever faith may come to meditate. It is not allowed to practice religious rites. Meditation must be done in silence. The temple also houses a reception hall, a library, as well as exhibition halls. The Lotus Temple is located in a pond consisting of nine bodies of water. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

2. The Forts of Rajasthan Hill

These monuments are really extraordinary. Located in the north of the country, the ancient fortifications are perched on the hills and overlook rivers, forests and deserts. They then blend into the landscape of Rajasthan. They are imposing and some are more than 20 kilometers in diameter. The towers trace the power of the Rajput princely states during the period between the 8th and the 19th centuries. You will find traces of ancient cities with trading centers, temples and some sacred buildings. The buildings that have survived the time are on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage. There are altogether six towers on the hill. They symbolize courage and sacrifice. Many artists are inspired to create their songs.

3. The Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala is the beautiful state of South India and known as God’s Own Country. It has various villages covered with tea plantations, coconut grooves etc. There are lots of things to explore in Kerala like Spa Ayurveda, Wildlife, Tea Estates, Culture, Cuisines, backwaters etc. Kerala is the only state where you can enjoy backwaters through canals.

4. The Monasteries of Leh Ladakh

Leh-Ladakh is the most beautiful destination in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This is the place where you will find adventure seekers. The road trip is the most famous activity to perform in Ladakh. There are several monasteries to visit and admire the culture of monks by seeing them debates, prayers etc.

5. The Ghats of Varanasi

In North India, Varanasi is the only city where you can visit numerous ghats and each are popular. Whether there are a lots of things to do in Varanasi, but you must visit Varanasi for the spiritual experience. One must not forget to take a dip in river ganges. Enjoy the boat riding and must attend the morning and evening Ganga Aarti which is the most important ritual in Varanasi. There are several ghats to visit and Dashashvamedh is one of them.

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