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The Best Countries to Visit for summer 2017

South Africa

People are travelling more this summer compared with the same period last year. And what about you? It’s only a question of where and you pretty much expect to have the best time ever? There are plenty of mesmerizing spots in the world that are worth travelling for. Check out here the best countries to go this year.

1. Switzerland

With great restaurants and a long list of cultural attractions, you’ll never be bored in Switzerland. Cruise down the famous River Rhine to watch the sunset. Walk around Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge in order to enjoy incredible paintings, dating back to the 17th century. However, if you are on the lookout for rare finds, head to Beatenberg and to Riederalp. Take your time visiting Elm, a village in the municipality of Glarus Süd in Switzerland. It’s in fact a bird watcher’s paradise thanks to the amazing diversity of birds. You can also spot chamois, stags and many other creatures. What else? Visit Zurich where you will find a number of upscale restaurants. You will also need a luxury rental vehicle to access to great restaurants as you can find through this site.


2. Italy

Italian people do summer well. In truth, the country itself has an enduring allure. Whether you’re seeking a weekend trip or a remote getaway, Italy has a lot to offer. Enjoy the true charm of Tuscany at first. You can stroll and shop in the narrow cobblestone streets of the region. Apart from that, Italy’s historical sights are out of this world. Visitors will enjoy exploring the majestic San Michele church. The Guinigi Tower in Tuscany, the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily and the St Mark’s Basilica in Venice are just a few of the additional wonders found in this country. What’s more, summers are always hot in Rome and Florence, so these cities are not to be missed as well.


3. Croatia

Croatia has something for every traveller. It is a country of culture, history and heritage. As an example, Croatia offers a wealth of museums awaiting to be explored, including the Mimara Museum, the Croatian Museum of Naive Art, the Museum of Ilusions, and the Technical Museum in Zagreb. Don’t overlook the incredible Dominican Monastery Museum with a collection of paintings date from the 15th and 16th century. But you wouldn’t be truly experiencing Croatia if you didn’t visit one of its popular beaches. On top of that, taking in all Croatia has to offer can be a whirlwind experience. It has a complete array of culinary delights, so wherever you decide to eat in Croatia, you will find lots of delicious food and snacks on offer.


4. South Africa

There is one simple reason why this summer is the best year to go to South Africa. Why? Because the currency is weak during summer so you will probably get fantastic value for your money. You will be able to sip on a local wine in South Africa at a low cost. This is also a great place for mountain biking. As a case in point, you can travel to the Drakensberg Mountains, which offer some of the best mountain biking trails in South Africa. Furthermore, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to relax on, so this is an excellent hub for visits to other places in the world. You can swim, snorkel, enjoy scuba diving, wind down on a boat tour and paddle a kayak.

South Africa

5. Greece

Greece is a country with historic sites at every turn. Besides, the weather is marvellously and steamily hot during summer. There are many archaeological sites to uncover, ancient ruins to see and pristine sandy beaches for a day basking in the sun. If you go to the Acheron River, you may get the sense that you’ve travelled back to a simpler time. Acheron River attractions are nearly endless, from a canoeing or kayaking tour to gorges explorations to hiking along the river. For those who plan to stay at a great place, luxury hotels are still cheaper than other European travel destinations.


6. Canada

Canada is the one destination that can’t be ignored this summer. In some ways, Canada is what you would expect, in that you can get delicious dim sum and pick up teas. Cram in all the festivals and events that Canada has to offer this summer. Flock to the cultural capital of Montreal to discover museums, landmarks, and enjoy nightclubs.  If you want to see polar bears in the summer, travel to Manitoba. Plus, many top attractions are free to see, and this helps explain why it’s such a must-visit for summer 2017.


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