How to survive a hotel terror attack

The Counter Terrorism Police in the UK  have re-released a video advising holidaymakers what to do in the event of a terror attack.

The four-minute video was made in association with the Foreign Office and ABTA and depicts an incident at a hotel and recommends a course of action to best stay safe in such an event.

The video description states that while the chances of being in a terror attack “remain extremely rare”, the new approach encourages everyone to be prepared “should the worst happen”.


The central message is Run, Hide, Tell and was first launched by UK police in December 2015 after attacks in Paris.

The key advice in the video is:

If there is a safe route, run
Insist others go with you, but do not let their indecision slow you down
Leave belongings behind
If you cannot run, hide
Be aware of your exits
Find cover from gunfire
Try not to get trapped
Call the police when it is safe (112 for the EU)


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