20 Things That You Should Never Miss In Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India

Ladakh, A land of high passes lies in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is popular amongst adventure lovers as it has the great Himalayas for trekking, camping, explore the nature and motorable high passes roads to experience something new and different.

No matter how short your trip is or what kind of a vacation you are planning for Ladakh, you ought to try out these 20 things. These are not just tourist attractions, these 20 items provide a great experience that you would cherish when you get back home.

Ladakh, India

Ladakh – Jammu & Kashmir

This list of 20 things are handpicked from avid Ladakh-lovers’ experiences. If you are visiting now, you ought to try out at least 10.

1. Camping is allowed near almost all lakes in Ladakh. Camp for a night and watch the sunrise by the water. It is a picturesque moment.

Camping in Ladakh

Camping in Ladakh

2. If you are up for camping, the next thing that you should try is camping in mountains. Food and water are not easily found here. You ought to be well equipped.

3. If you are visiting during winter, you ought to visit the spot where Indus and Zanskar River meet. During winter, the river would be frozen and tourists can walk on the river. It is an important trekking route in Ladakh.

4. All nature lovers should try birdwatching. The high altitude spots are the best for birdwatching. Top bird to spot is brown-headedgull that is found only during sunrise.

Brown Headed Gull in Ladakh

Brown Headed Gull in Ladakh

5. Stacking stones in the mountains was a sign of direction in the olden days. Now the tourists and locals consider it as a good luck. Stacking stones in any unoccupied land is becoming popular among tourists.

6. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. You can enjoy a homemade meal at Ladakh. This is the only way to enjoy authentic butter tea here. Momos is also an important dish that is served in almost all households.

Butter Tea in Ladakh

Butter Tea – Made from Yak’s Milk, Little Salty and Watery

Momo's in Ladakh

Momo’s – Ladakh Special Cuisine

7. Visit any monastery and spin the spinning wheels or prayer wheels. Tourists of all religions are allowed inside monasteries and religious places but it is important to follow their rules and maintain silence.

Prayer Wheels Ladakh

Spinning Wheels for Prayer

8. Diskit Monastery is an important spot where you can meditate. Many people visit this place for peace finding. You are welcome to explore and meditate in this monastery.

Diskit Monastery

Diskit Monastery

9. Many monks will be interested in sharing rare stories about the place and monasteries. Approach them politely and always have a guide with you. You cannot expect all monks to be fluent in English.

10. Eating hot soup or noodles at high altitude is another interesting experience.

11. You can find Bactrian camels here. If you are lucky, you can ride one. At least try to capture one with your camera.

Camel Safari Ladakh

Camel Safari Ladakh

12. Spotting animals along the sides of the mountain is another important nature-lover activity. You can spot animals like wild horses, mountain dogs, ibex and others.

13. You can find a lot of natural hot water springs in the mountains. Cooking noodles or pasta with the water is a necessity for campers. You can also try a cup of noodles cooked in the most natural way.

14. If you are lucky, you can enjoy snowfall. Play snow angels and have snowball fights here. To enjoy this, you ought to visit during winter.

15. Near Leh’s War Museum, you can find an adventure park where you can enjoy obstacle courses and others. This park provides entertainment for all age groups. You can spend a few hours to a whole day here.

16. Ladakh is famous for the highest motorable mountain roads. Riding a bike on these passes is an important activity that attracts numerous international tourists to this place. If you are an avid motorcycle rider, try this. It is strictly not for novice riders.

Motorable Pass Ladakh

Motorable Pass in Ladakh

17. The mountain passes is filled with a lot of interesting and funny road signs. You ought to capture a few in your camera.

18. Tso Moriri is a lake in Ladakh that is famous for relaxation. You cannot find a lot of tourists here and this place is mainly meant for silent relaxation. If you have a couple of hours to spare, enjoy the view and relax. Remember that this place will have no mobile signal too.

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake

19. Hanle Observatory is the highest observatory in the world. The place and the observatory are both breath taking. You can also camp here and explore Hanle Monastery.

20. Many people hike in any small mountains around or in Leh and some visit Temisgam that is 100 km away from Leh just for trekking and hiking. No matter which mountain you choose, you ought to try hiking here.

Temisgam Trek

Temisgam Trek

There are a lot of other things to enjoy in Ladakh no matter when you visit. If you are visiting during rainy season, you might not be able to enjoy all the adventure activities here.  You should know about the best time to visit Ladakh so you can enjoy this beautiful destination and adventure spot.

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